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Himalayan Lokta Paper

Himalayan Lokta paper is entirely handmade in Nepal using traditional Tibetan methods. It is made from inner bark of the Daphne bush, which grows in the Himalayan region of Tibet and Nepal at the altitude of 6,500-11.00 above sea level. Daphne bush is locally known as “Lokta” and has the characteristic of regenerating after four to five years of being cut, thus preserving the fragile forest ecology.

The paper mold is floated in a pool of clear water, pulp is poured into the mold, the fibers are distributed evenly and mold is lifted carefully out of the water. The newly formed sheet is left to dry in the sun, on the mold. The dry sheets are then prepared to be used to create the varied group of paper products such as notebooks, greeting cards, night lights, invitations, business cards and it also use for bookbinding, Origami and wrapping etc. The paper is fine texture, extremely durable and its completely acid free.

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A wonderful store. Owner was extremely nice and helpful. I bought some beautiful handmade paper to use as a top on a custom guitar.
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The owner is a kind person. Like a gentle breath of fresh air. Beautiful Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bracelets and lovely notebooks among others. 😍
- Kate Jones
The owner was very kind and informative. There where so many beautiful handcrafted artworks and accessories. Definitely will come here again.
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